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Emote is a queer-owned and operated retail space located on Haywood Road in the heart of West Asheville. Emote was established in 2021 and hopes to continue serving unique fashion and art in Asheville for years to come. When you enter the space you will find a colorful collection of art, clothing, and accessories crafted by the people who work in the shop, as well as queer artists from Asheville and beyond.

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When visiting EMOTE we want you to feel comfortable exploring your self expression and giving yourself a little treat to put a smile on your face. Whether you’re visiting our store to browse our selection of secondhand clothing, attending one of our social mixers, or you're an artist tabling your very own pop up, we want your time between our pink walls to bring you all the queer joy imaginable.  


Beyond making new connections with sweet queer friends and finding your hottest new outfit, Emote also cares deeply about providing income opportunities for our fellow community members. We purchase art by queer artists directly and upfront, provide free vending table space to queer artists weekly, and host a wide variety of events free of cost or NOTAFLOF. We also buy your previously owned shoes, clothing, and accessories for resale. If you are interested in finding the best fit for making a few extra bucks through the shop, please check out our FAQ page to learn about our processes for getting involved.


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We seek to create a space that is supportive and expansive - one that you can come to exactly as you are. 

Your expression is welcome here. 


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what the gays have to say

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"Emote is a unique and welcoming space with the coolest clothes, jewelry, and art made by local artists as well as cute secondhand clothes. I really appreciate that they carry trans specific items like trans tape and tucking undies which I have never seen in a brick and mortar store. I see so many community events (many for and by queer people!) sponsored by Emote- I know that a purchase here is money well spent. 

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"This is the best vintage store in Asheville. It has an eclectic selection of second hand and hand made items. Every time I go in I find so many gems and there's something for everyone's budget.

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"An absolute gem in West Asheville. From their vibrant queer art to their well-curated secondhand collection, the shop offers a unique and inclusive experience. Whether you're looking for a standout tee, a one-of-a-kind sweater, or unique art, Emote is the place to find your next cherished piece.


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